Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe
Everything is better by the lake.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fall in Tahoe - a little late :)

OK, I know I am wayyyyyy behind schedule - but I found these pics on my computer and they are super worthy of posting. Fall in Tahoe is soooooo outstanding! The colors, the quiet, the weather, it is all the best. You'll see what I mean when you check out the pictures.

We went for a beautiful Fall ride on the South Shore. I'll post directions in the spring.

Daisy blends in with the Fall leaves on the river.

Sandor on the Rim Trail

Time to put on more clothes - it gets crisp now when you gain elevation


Daisy at the site of the Pony Express Station

Fall leaves are fun to fly through...

Then we went to the Truckee side for a little different terrain at Stampede Reservoir. You should really check this area  out if you haven't ever seen it. There is road riding, mountain biking, motorcycling, swimming, boating, fishing, you name it!

Daisy checks out the view

Lots of good spots to pose!

Mid-December Snow!

I was fortunate to make a quick trip up in mid-December right during a storm (thank you Subaru - you were awesome on Donner Summit in the snow!). The snow was outstanding for the time of year, cold, light, and fast for skating at Tahoe XC. Daisy was super excited to nbe back in the snow. The windows are holding our heat in well! We plan on fixing our doors this summer, then we will be so much warmer!

Sorry for the delay in posting my update...I'll try to be better at posting!

Daisy in front of the snow covered driveway, not a bad amount for mid December!

I skated up to the Fiberboard Freeway. The snow was perfect!

Daisy was happy to make tracks in the XC tracks also!

We will be up for New Years, stay tuned for more updates and pray for snow!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New paint and trim!

New trim and paint at the cabin. The new paint really brightens things up a bit. Here I am in the former dark hallway nailing in the new cedar trim. The hallway and the bedroom got a matching coat of paint, "celery".
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Sunday, October 04, 2009

First Snow!

I came up to Tahoe for a whirlwind trip of painting, trimwork, and yard work (of course interdispersed with some running and biking) before winter sets in and the first snow falls. Well, Daisy and I got a little surprise - it snowed! It changes my outdoor plans a bit...I don't like to ride with frozen toes and fingers. Daisy will like that, as now a run through the snow is in order. Snow the first few days of October - hopefully that means a snowy winter. We need it!
Pray for snow!

Daisy couldn't wait to go out in the morning

It started snowing after 10pm

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bears all over the place!

We have so many bears around the yard we don't know what to do with them. Nooooo, they aren't real cute fuzzy bears, they are carved out of wood. Yes, Sandor has a new hobby - chainsaw carving. If you get a chance to drive by either of our houses you'll be able to catch a glance at some of our new family members.

How bears get made.

Bears going for a ride in the truck.

A bear and an eagle (not done) by the shed, and Pia, not a bear, a border-jack.

What happens when the neighbors don't properly secure their bear box, done by a real bear, witnessed by Kristin after midnight last June.

New on the outside!

Ok, here are the pics that we have all been waiting for. Now that you have seen the old cabin in my earlier post, it is time to check out the new look. We have completed the new windows and the exterior trim along with a new coat of "Red Pines" paint.

Here is Sandor holding the last nail for the last piece of exterior trim. We used rough sawn cedar STK and used a SuperDeck Natural stain. It looks nice with the Red Pines paint.  We tried to stay rustic.
Note the 'cranberry' colored fiberglass frames of the Milgard windows blend right in.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Painting in Progress

Here is a photo of getting our first coate of paint on the chimney. It was hard to reach the backside.  The upper dormer is going to be a pain! What fun!

Check out the new digs!

Cabin Transformation!

We have been working hard painting the exterior of the house and installing new windows and trim. I can barely find the time to squeeze in this post, but I thought that it would be cool to post some before and after shots.

I'll post the before shots now, and maybe some work in progress shots. We can't wait to be done - many trails and a beautiful lake await us. But of course, there is always something that can be worked on. In the future will be new countertops, tile floor, bathroom.....when does it end?

Here I am peeking into the cabin when we were cabin shopping back in September 2005.

Here I am peeking into the back bedroom window.

View from the street, front corner.

Right side, that's the bedroom window.

OK, that's enough for now to grab your interest. I will post some new shots soon. Keep in touch!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Specialized Trail Crew Potential


There is fun singletrack to be had at at _____ in Truckee, CA. You can just do the loop, or you can add on some of the Northstar trails. There are some goodies in there, so be sure to check them out.


When in Northstar, be sure to stay off the chairlifts. They do not like bikeriders on the lifts! Geez!

If you ride in Tahoe in May or June or even a little later, you are likely to encounter snow blocking your trail on the higher elevations. This big ice cap was on the Stanford Rock trail and it was June! A beautiful day indeed!

in the pics!)

Now, just as easily in May, you can encounter thundershowers. If it starts to rain, go low! We were on the Tahoe Rim Trail when we saw the storm rapidly approaching. When you get wet at high elevation, it gets COLD! Note to self - keep moving, don't stop, get to lower elevation to avoid cold, brrrrrrrrrrr!

Of course, there are many, many beautiful days for activities in the mountains. Look at these awseome days, also early in the summer. You can't beat days like that! And there are many to be had! Woo hoo!
Thanks for reading.

Helene Drumm

PS Excellent swimming opportunities are in abundance.....