Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe
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Monday, March 08, 2010

March Madness in Tahoma - More March Snow!

We have been lucky to catch the two snowstorms in the beginning of March. It can sure come down when it wants to! The front yard got a good much-needed covering again. If you are a spaniel, you sit in the window and watch the snow fall until you can go out to play in the freshies.

Enough to swipe off the Subaru before we drive. Daisy likes this game.
No chains required when you have APD (All-Paw-Drive)

Then we hit Homewood. Check out the parking lot compared to the lower lift. You rarely see it like this. The snow was superb. The light, fluffy, cold kind. No mush here.

You have to bundle in this low-pressure storm system. Heat packs for boots and gloves recommended.
Check out Sandor crashing in the thick stuff on the face run.
Again, this is an epic amount of snow for the 'Wood.

Bundled on the lift.
Only to bury it on the ride down...

Get up! And go again!

and again!

Help! I can't get out of this POW!

And when you are done skiing or boarding, there is still plenty of snow to go around for a snowshoe or a hike.