Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe
Everything is better by the lake.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The deck goes to the dump!

We saved the good pieces to re-use on the front deck. It has a lot of messed up boards too, but one deck at a time. I hated to dump the used wood, but at least they grind it up and use it for bio-mass or something like that. So it will still get used somehow.

Hillbilly truck siding, Tahoe style.

Can't even tell which stuff was ours - added into the endless pile awaiting biomass.

Bye-Bye! Deck gone!

Hey! Wasn't there a deck here?

Sandor works on the post holes. We were going to use the existing, but see further posts for further complications that set us back. Geez, for the age of the deck and the way it was done, it sure held up well!

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Saturday, August 06, 2011

The back deck is gone!

This past winter, in the middle of December when there wasn't even any snow on the ground, during a large monsoon-like rainstorm, a large 75+ foot pine uprooted and fell on our deck. 

These pictures don't even make it look as bad, but upon further investigation you can see that the main support member is thoroughly compromised. Yes, busted in two! That was a heavy tree.
So, finally in August we decide to tear up the deck and begin the process of rebuilding. Check back here for updates. Below, you see Sandor removing the first deckboard. It sure comes apart easily! It is the original deck from the 1960's....

Wow! Look at all of this space!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Away from Tahoe seeing the other mountain places

Yup. We have left the beauty of the West Shore in search of other mountain locales. We have acquired an awesome camper van nicknamed the Mobe to travel to Utah and Colorado.
I'm trying to update this blog via iPhone at a campground at 9361 feet on Rabbit Ear Pass in Colorado. How cool is that? Bear with me as I figure out my phone's capabilities.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

SUP'n in Tahoe

Sandor made a cart to carry the SUP's (Stand Up Paddleboards) and Daisy. They just balance on the cart, really easy to move your boards around. Here we are loading up at Sand Harbor. A little known fact about Sand Harbor:  if you are loading a kayak, boat, or SUP at the boat ramp, you can bring your dog! They were soooooo nice! Just don't let your dog poop on the beach.

Daisy resting under the shade of the board. The white sand is hot!

One of the many beaches you can find on the East Shore utilizing a SUP.

No, this isn't a pool or the Mediterranean, but it looks like it!

There is still snow on the peaks but the water feels good when it is over 100 degrees in the Valley.

When you have a SUP, it doesn't seem to matter when you hang out with your springer spaniel on a beach that is posted "NO DOGS".

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Big Dogs visit Tahoe

Kona's first time in the snow. He learned to catch snowballs!

The Big Dogs from Marin came to Tahoe for a visit. Daisy was kind enough to share her cabin with Kona and Hilo, two big Great Danes. She took them for surf and turf, including some snow adventures on the Mt. Rose highway and then a visit to the Mediterranean like features of the Secret Beach on the East Shore, past Sand Harbor.

See how tiny Daisy looks next to the Big Dogs?

I got up there all by myself! Sandor would be non-compliant if he had lifted me up. No lifting heavy objects! Dr's orders!
Daisy looks at the snow and water at the beach.

It's not too cold!

Come into the water! Big Dogs! Come on!

No, I'd rather sunbathe and eat little kids, thanks!

Tired Big Dogs, a matching set.

Daisy will wait in the kitchen for snacks if the Big Dogs are in her living room...

Thanks for the visit Kona and Hilo! The squirrels were glad that you left.

What a Day!

OK, there is far too much snow on the ground (in the upper elevations) for June! I went on what was to be a 2 to 2 1/2 hour mountain bike ride and ended up going for 4 because of re-routes due to snow on the singletrack combined with my less than stellar navigational skills. It was fun though! When there is snow in the mountains go lower and check out the trails near Tahoe XC and Burton Creek State Park in North Tahoe.

I met Sandor on the bike path for the cruise back to the West Shore. This is Sandor's second ride since his accident and he is doing great! It was good to see him smiling on his bike again. You can't go wrong with a clear sunny day in Tahoe cruising the bike path...

Then! We went for a short hike - by Sandor's standards. He has been doing quite a bit of walking and hiking since he can't do anything else while he recovers from a broken scapula and clavicle. He is a walking demon that I can't keep up with....

We took the new Tahoe Rim Trail out of Tahoe City and went towards Painted Rock. Before we got to Painted Rock we took an access trail that we call Powerline to the trail I now call Bird Attack. On my MTB ride that I mentioned earlier I got greeted by a friendly bird. He/She hung out with me at the trailhead . It wasn't until I proceeded up his trail that he followed me and flapped and pecked at my front wheel, obviously telling me to turn around - do not go on this trail! It is mine and it is snow covered! I heeded it's warning on my bike only to come back later in the day on foot excited to share my new friend with Sandor and Daisy. Unfortunately he was not there.

We finished the hike just before dark. We think it was about 11 - 12 miles. Did I mention the snow? The altitude? The possiblilty of attack birds?

Daisy at the start of the Rim Trail, overlooking the Truckee River

No snow yet - only in the background.

This is what you do when you reach a big snow patch when you are a spaniel - ROLL!

A crater?

The view looking towards Squaw Valley

Where is the trail?

Found it!

This is why we call it PowerLine Trail.

It was a fun hike on a warm enough day that my feet did not freeze off going through the snow. Can't  wait until the snow is gone and we can bike this section completely!