Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe
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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

What a Day!

OK, there is far too much snow on the ground (in the upper elevations) for June! I went on what was to be a 2 to 2 1/2 hour mountain bike ride and ended up going for 4 because of re-routes due to snow on the singletrack combined with my less than stellar navigational skills. It was fun though! When there is snow in the mountains go lower and check out the trails near Tahoe XC and Burton Creek State Park in North Tahoe.

I met Sandor on the bike path for the cruise back to the West Shore. This is Sandor's second ride since his accident and he is doing great! It was good to see him smiling on his bike again. You can't go wrong with a clear sunny day in Tahoe cruising the bike path...

Then! We went for a short hike - by Sandor's standards. He has been doing quite a bit of walking and hiking since he can't do anything else while he recovers from a broken scapula and clavicle. He is a walking demon that I can't keep up with....

We took the new Tahoe Rim Trail out of Tahoe City and went towards Painted Rock. Before we got to Painted Rock we took an access trail that we call Powerline to the trail I now call Bird Attack. On my MTB ride that I mentioned earlier I got greeted by a friendly bird. He/She hung out with me at the trailhead . It wasn't until I proceeded up his trail that he followed me and flapped and pecked at my front wheel, obviously telling me to turn around - do not go on this trail! It is mine and it is snow covered! I heeded it's warning on my bike only to come back later in the day on foot excited to share my new friend with Sandor and Daisy. Unfortunately he was not there.

We finished the hike just before dark. We think it was about 11 - 12 miles. Did I mention the snow? The altitude? The possiblilty of attack birds?

Daisy at the start of the Rim Trail, overlooking the Truckee River

No snow yet - only in the background.

This is what you do when you reach a big snow patch when you are a spaniel - ROLL!

A crater?

The view looking towards Squaw Valley

Where is the trail?

Found it!

This is why we call it PowerLine Trail.

It was a fun hike on a warm enough day that my feet did not freeze off going through the snow. Can't  wait until the snow is gone and we can bike this section completely!

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