Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe
Everything is better by the lake.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The deck goes to the dump!

We saved the good pieces to re-use on the front deck. It has a lot of messed up boards too, but one deck at a time. I hated to dump the used wood, but at least they grind it up and use it for bio-mass or something like that. So it will still get used somehow.

Hillbilly truck siding, Tahoe style.

Can't even tell which stuff was ours - added into the endless pile awaiting biomass.

Bye-Bye! Deck gone!

Hey! Wasn't there a deck here?

Sandor works on the post holes. We were going to use the existing, but see further posts for further complications that set us back. Geez, for the age of the deck and the way it was done, it sure held up well!

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Saturday, August 06, 2011

The back deck is gone!

This past winter, in the middle of December when there wasn't even any snow on the ground, during a large monsoon-like rainstorm, a large 75+ foot pine uprooted and fell on our deck. 

These pictures don't even make it look as bad, but upon further investigation you can see that the main support member is thoroughly compromised. Yes, busted in two! That was a heavy tree.
So, finally in August we decide to tear up the deck and begin the process of rebuilding. Check back here for updates. Below, you see Sandor removing the first deckboard. It sure comes apart easily! It is the original deck from the 1960's....

Wow! Look at all of this space!