Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe
Everything is better by the lake.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Big Dogs visit Tahoe

Kona's first time in the snow. He learned to catch snowballs!

The Big Dogs from Marin came to Tahoe for a visit. Daisy was kind enough to share her cabin with Kona and Hilo, two big Great Danes. She took them for surf and turf, including some snow adventures on the Mt. Rose highway and then a visit to the Mediterranean like features of the Secret Beach on the East Shore, past Sand Harbor.

See how tiny Daisy looks next to the Big Dogs?

I got up there all by myself! Sandor would be non-compliant if he had lifted me up. No lifting heavy objects! Dr's orders!
Daisy looks at the snow and water at the beach.

It's not too cold!

Come into the water! Big Dogs! Come on!

No, I'd rather sunbathe and eat little kids, thanks!

Tired Big Dogs, a matching set.

Daisy will wait in the kitchen for snacks if the Big Dogs are in her living room...

Thanks for the visit Kona and Hilo! The squirrels were glad that you left.

1 comment:

Lo J said...

Wow... I was right there and didn't see you take all those cute pictures!

I hope Daisy invites the big dogs back someday!